Every day thousands of parents tuck their child’s arms through a pair of water wings, assuming that these floatation devices will keep their child safe when in and around the backyard pool. Despite the use of these and other similar “floatation devices”, drowning continues to be the leading cause of accidental or unintentional deaths for children ages 1 to 4 years old.

Water Wings Can Hinder Swimming Development

Water wings force your child’s arms to float vertically, which causes your child to use their arms for floating as opposed to his entire body. This can be problematic when your child is ready to learn how to swim as it will interfere with learning proper torso balance control and effective breathing.

Water Wings Give False Sense of Security

Water wings may help keep your child’s head above the water, but these devices are not indestructible. In a blink of an eye one or both water wings may be ripped, torn or punctured which will put a child at the risk of drowning.

Younger children who swim with older kids who know how to swim may also feel embarrassed to still be wearing water wings and may remove them when a parent isn’t looking. That child may then take a dangerous leap into the pool assuming that he knows how to swim because he could do so with the water wings.

Family Experiences Near Drowning Experience

Yves and Larry Stewart are all too familiar with the dangers of water wings. While entertaining friends and family at their home, their youngest son Kameron who had yet to learn how to swim decided he wanted to be like the big kids and removed his water wings. He then jumped into the pool without his water wings without anyone noticing.

Despite many of the attendees knowing how to swim and how to administer CPR, nearly everyone froze in shock when they witnessed Kameron’s older brother pulling the young boy’s lifeless body from the bottom of the pool. Fortunately one of their friends who was a nurse set into action and began to administer CPR, saving Kameron’s life.

Swimming Lessons Are the Best Protection Against Drowning

Kameron’s near drowning experience left him terrified of the water. But after working with a compassionate swim instructor at Texas Swim Academy, he has restored his confidence in his ability to swim and to be safe in the pool.

Swimming lessons are your child’s best line of defense against drowning. Not only do children learn critical skills that will keep them afloat when in the water, but they are also taught life saving safety procedures and the importance of respecting the water.

Children as young as infants can learn how to save their life when in the pool. Contact Texas Swim Academy today to learn more about our swim survival programs and lessons.


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