At Texas Swim Academy, we believe that every child is gifted in his or her own special way.   Just like their favorite super hero, every child has a standalone personality and   a special talents that set them apart from the rest and makes them truly great. Here’s a playful personality quiz we created to help  Read More

Since May is National Water Safety Month and pool season is about to start, it’s more important than ever to teach your child the importance of water safety in and around the pool. And the conversation you have with your child can be more fun and interactive with this free, downloadable coloring worksheet! There’s no  Read More

Every beginner swimmer at Texas Swim Academy receives personal attention to create an environment where he or she can quickly feel comfortable and confident in the water at his or her own pace. When Jonathan Jorsh from Katy enrolled his daughter, Taylor, into the survival swim program, he noticed this right away. In contrast to  Read More