Since May is National Water Safety Month and pool season is about to start, it’s more important than ever to teach your child the importance of water safety in and around the pool. And the conversation you have with your child can be more fun and interactive with this free, downloadable coloring worksheet! There’s no better way to teach your child how to be safe in and around water through coloring, that’s because:

It’s Fun: Children tend to be more relaxed and receptive to educational information when they’re having fun. Few activities match the interactive and imaginative aspects of coloring. Water safety doesn’t sound boring if he or she is choosing fun colors and coloring in exciting shapes.

Provides the Right Opportunity: When your child is coloring, it provides you with the perfect opportunity to teach in a non-threatening way. This allows you to get important information across to your child without overwhelming them or scaring them when you share safety consequences for not following water safety rules.

It Takes Time: It takes a lot of time to color in all those different shapes, which works in your favor! By having your child work on a water safety coloring worksheet, they’re able to take water safety tips a little at a time and this reinforces the important water safety information he or she takes in.

Download this free coloring sheet by clicking below and have your child take the Texas Swim Academy water safety pledge!

Teach Your Child Water Safety with a Free Coloring Sheet | Texas Swim Academy Katy Texas