Starting swim lessons can be an exciting and anxious time for both you and your child. With this in mind, Texas Swim Academy is focused on providing the best atmosphere for your child to get the most out of his or her swimming experience. From our trained and certified team of instructors to our state-of-the-art  Read More

The benefits of swimming are more than just anecdotal, they are proven objectively by science. Here are just 5 of the most common scientifically proven benefits of swimming for kids: 1. A scientific study from Griffith Institute for Educational Research reveals that children who learn to swim at an early age reach cognitive developmental milestones  Read More

Many parents and caregivers are amazed by our baby swimming videos of infants as young as six months old successfully practicing advanced water survival techniques, rolling over, floating and even swimming underwater. We’d like to take all the credit, but it turns out babies are programmed by instinct with two very helpful natural reflexes to help  Read More