The benefits of swimming are more than just anecdotal, they are proven objectively by science. Here are just 5 of the most common scientifically proven benefits of swimming for kids:

1. A scientific study from Griffith Institute for Educational Research reveals that children who learn to swim at an early age reach cognitive developmental milestones earlier than peers. Many of these skills are important ones that help children transition into pre-school and school, including oral expression, literacy, numeracy and more.

2. The same study demonstrated that children who learn to swim early also reach developmental skills milestones earlier than children who do not swim. This includes key visual-motor skills such as drawing shapes, coloring within lines, cutting paper and certain math-related developmental skills. Reaching these milestones early leads to better performance in school and improved social development.

3. Swimming workouts and special needs swim lessons have significant positive outcomes for children on the autism spectrum. Two studies listed with the National Institutes of Health show that swim lessons “hold potential for social improvements” for autism spectrum participants, as well as:

  • Fewer instances of repetitive behaviors
  • Practice with social interactions
  • Increased attention span
  • Improved physical fitness

4. Improved physical fitness is not just a benefit of swimming workouts for special needs swim students: all children who participate in swim lessons enjoy improved physical endurance. Swimming is an aerobic workout that stimulates and strengthens the entire body. Swimming workouts are a wonderful way to ensure your child is getting enough exercise to develop good strength and stamina.

5. The final benefit is that swimming is fun! You don’t need a scientific study to prove the enjoyment kids have of playing and learning in the water. Swimming is a great way to combine play with a positive learning experience.

Exposing students to the benefits of swimming is our passion at Texas Swim Academy. Stop in for a visit and see why we are a leader for swimming lessons in Houston and surrounding communities, particularly for infants, young children and students with special abilities.