When Jelly Robinson moved to Houston in 2014, she was excited to explore the city and experience all the different cultures. With previous experience in children’s haircuts throughout her time in hair school, she figured working in a children’s salon would be ideal. And it was…until she realized something was missing.  “It was missing love,”  Read More

When your child is first learning how to swim, it’s hard to envision them as elite-level swimmers. But with consistent lessons over time and taking part in the right programs, watching your child grow from just dipping their toes in the water into an elite athlete is possible and can be extremely rewarding.  Texas Swim  Read More

There’s an abundant amount of research available that shows the benefits of water on your body. Whether it’s swimming to keep your body strong and heart-healthy, soaking in a hot tub to get your blood flowing and help you relax, or doing aquatic exercises to provide less strain on your muscles, water plays an essential  Read More

Since opening, Texas Swim Academy has dedicated itself to providing children throughout the area with the skills necessary to help themselves should an aquatic accident occur. But giving kids that extra layer of protection takes more than just lessons, it takes community awareness. At Texas Swim Academy we remain committed to partnering with like-minded organizations  Read More

Naomi’s Grace was founded by Jessica Mollon in memory of her 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter Naomi Grace, who passed away in 2019 after a tragic drowning accident in a backyard hot tub. While navigating the loss of a child is never a straight road, Jessica knew one thing…she needed to help other families from experiencing the nightmare  Read More