If you have little ones running around your outdoor pool, you may need to take extra steps to ensure that everything is safe for them. The winter months provide additional hazards, as the area around your pool will often be slippery and pools that are still filled will often reach near freezing temperatures. Follow this  Read More

One thing that keeps many children from learning how to swim well into adulthood is missing out on swim lessons when they are younger. If your child avoided swimming while they were young, or if there simply wasn’t any time to teach them, you can still get your child enrolled in classes. It’s never too  Read More

If your child is terrified of the water, you may be tempted to discontinue swim lessons entirely. Some parents may feel as though they are putting their child through a difficult experience while others may not see the value in swimming lessons if their child isn’t enjoying it. Though there are some circumstances under which  Read More

In addition to survival swim survival programs, Texas Swim Academy also offers swim lessons for children on the Autism Spectrum, with Down Syndrome, and other special abilities. Texas Swim Academy believes that every child should have a chance to enjoy the water by learning how to swim in safe, comfortable setting. With this in mind,  Read More