When your child is first learning how to swim, it’s hard to envision them as elite-level swimmers. But with consistent lessons over time and taking part in the right programs, watching your child grow from just dipping their toes in the water into an elite athlete is possible and can be extremely rewarding.  Texas Swim  Read More

The competitive sport of swimming requires dedication and consistent training no matter the level of competition. And preparing for the swim team season is an important part of an adolescent’s success as a competitive swimmer. So how can your child best prepare for their swim team season? Below are just a few things to consider  Read More

Beginner and seasoned swimmers alike have specific goals they want to reach, and there’s no better time to start working toward those goals than through a swim team clinic with Texas Swim Academy. Unlike traditional swimming lessons which are to teach children how to swim, our swim team clinics here at Texas Swim Academy are  Read More

There are many reasons joining a swim team is a great idea for children. At Texas Swim Academy, we help students prepare for swim team competitions and cannot encourage you enough to explore swimming as a sport for your children. Life Skill Swim team is a fun and productive way to teach your child a  Read More