There are many reasons joining a swim team is a great idea for children. At Texas Swim Academy, we help students prepare for swim team competitions and cannot encourage you enough to explore swimming as a sport for your children.

Life Skill

Swim team is a fun and productive way to teach your child a valuable life skill. Being a good swimmer will pay off their entire life, both for fun and for safety. Joining a swim team will teach proper mechanics, proper breathing technique and they’ll race in competitive length pools, building both endurance and strength.


Children on swim teams create strong bonds with one another. They cheer on their teammates as they race, work to achieve common goals and overcome challenges together. This self-esteem booster is a great way for your kids to make new friends and strengthen relationships with existing ones.


Along with creating friendships, working together on a swim team builds teamwork. This is an invaluable skill that will help your child in every aspect of their life, from school to their adult work life. By joining a swim team, your kids receive early life lessons on how to win (and lose) as a team, how to give it their best and how to exhibit good sportsmanship.


While most kids spend their summers watching TV or playing video games, your kids will have weekly swim team practices that improve their cardiovascular fitness and helps keep them healthy. Swimming is an excellent workout since it works your whole body and is easy on the joints. Unlike some sports, swimming is a fitness routine your child can do well into adulthood.


Often, parents are just as involved in swim team as the kids. You’ll meet new people and make friends. You’ll get to know your neighbors and be part of a tight-knit community. Swim meets are a great opportunity for parents and kids to get to know each other.  

Texas Swim Academy teaches all kids how to be better swimmers, but we also have special training just for swim team. These programs help your child gear up for the season, instill better water confidence and feel great by the time the season rolls around. Get started today!




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