Pool and water safety include many factors, and as the Fourth of July nears, we wanted to remind people about one of the most overlooked, yet dangerous ones. During most summer BBQs, guests and pool owners alike love to escape the heat by jumping in the pool and enjoying some games or simply spending some  Read More

There are many reasons joining a swim team is a great idea for children. At Texas Swim Academy, we help students prepare for swim team competitions and cannot encourage you enough to explore swimming as a sport for your children. Life Skill Swim team is a fun and productive way to teach your child a  Read More

Every day thousands of parents tuck their child’s arms through a pair of water wings, assuming that these floatation devices will keep their child safe when in and around the backyard pool. Despite the use of these and other similar “floatation devices”, drowning continues to be the leading cause of accidental or unintentional deaths for  Read More