Swimmers have a healthy appetite, especially after a swim session. A competitive swimmer can burn up to 600 calories in just one hour of swimming laps! With this type of calorie consumption, it’s important for swimmers to get the necessary replenishment they need to perform their best in the pool. Below are the best types  Read More

It’s very common for infants and toddlers to be apprehensive about being in the water. We understand that many factors come into play when a child is new to swimming lessons: new faces, new environment, separation anxiety, and fear of water. Our goal is to help every swimmer develop a safe and healthy relationship with  Read More

At Texas Swim Academy, we strongly focus on drowning prevention and water safety. And we’ve made it our passion to empower swimmers with the skills they need to have a safe time in the pool. Tune to the video below to hear Yves and Larry Stewart’s story about their son Kameron, who survived a drowning accident  Read More