It’s very common for infants and toddlers to be apprehensive about being in the water. We understand that many factors come into play when a child is new to swimming lessons: new faces, new environment, separation anxiety, and fear of water.

Our goal is to help every swimmer develop a safe and healthy relationship with the water. Our instructors are trained to identify and validate your child’s fears and also assure him or her that it is going to be okay. We cater lessons to each individual swimmer so we can develop the most effective and caring approach to swimming.

Tessa and Taylor have been attending Texas Swim Academy since they were infants. What initially started off as an experience that triggered tears, fear and nervousness, has now become one that has blossomed two experienced and confident swimmers.

“It was amazing to see them actually go from not being able to do anything…to actually rolling over and floating and me not having to worry one bit; if they were to fall in, I know they would survive.”

Tune to the video below to hear more from our Texas Swim Academy parent. To learn more about our Survival Swim program, please visit our program page.