It’s very common for infants and toddlers to be apprehensive about being in the water. We understand that many factors come into play when a child is new to swimming lessons: new faces, new environment, separation anxiety, and fear of water. Our goal is to help every swimmer develop a safe and healthy relationship with  Read More

At Texas Swim Academy, we understand that not every swimmer responds in the same way to swimming. Every swimmer that steps through our doors brings their own set of skills, needs, and personality. Our Adaptive Aquatics program holds true to this understanding. This program is specially designed to focus on water safety and swim survival,  Read More

At Texas Swim Academy, we strive to provide patience, encouragement, and effectiveness in all of our swimming programs. Every one of our results-oriented programs is created to advance all children, no matter their age or skill level, from water safety to confident water enjoyment. With a passion for what they do, all of our trained  Read More