At Texas Swim Academy, we understand that not every swimmer responds in the same way to swimming. Every swimmer that steps through our doors brings their own set of skills, needs, and personality. Our Adaptive Aquatics program holds true to this understanding. This program is specially designed to focus on water safety and swim survival, but adapted to suit the needs of children on the autism spectrum.

Caroline, who was diagnosed with autism at an early age, loves the physical stimulation as well as the feeling of accomplishment and independence she gets from swimming.

“I felt like this program was a lot more individualized than the programs that we had tried,” says Caroline’s mom, Jennifer Radulovic. “I also appreciate that they have adaptive swim lessons just for my daughter separate from all the other kiddos. She’s been swimming less than a year but the progress she’s made has been huge. I mean just more than she made in a year in the other programs that we’ve tried.”

Tune to the video below to hear more about Caroline’s experience in the Adaptive Aquatics program at Texas Swim Academy. To learn more about this program, please visit our programs page, contact us, or stop by our facility.