As a swim academy, we put a high priority on drowning prevention through swimming and life-saving skills. But unfortunately, being a strong swimmer is not always enough. Few are aware of the drowning risk from Shallow Water Blackout (SWB), but it typically affects strong swimmers and the physically fit. Because Shallow Water Blackout occurs with no warning, the result is almost always fatal when the victim is in the water. So what is SWB?

Looking for things to do this summer around Katy? Each month this summer we’ll post fun activities and events for the entire family. And to get it all started, we’re giving you a load of fun things to add to your calendar for June. You can keep your kids busy all month long with these local summer events. 2013 can be your family’s best summer yet!

Looking for some summer fun ideas to keep everyone entertained? Reel the kids in with this creative spin on poolside fishing from MATERIALS DIRECTIONS Tie a piece of string or twine about 2-feet long around one end of the stick. Depending on the type of magnet you have, it can be attached in different  Read More