You’ve heard the saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words. Well this is especially true when teaching stroke development to small children! Children, like most of us, are very visual learners. But sometimes when they watch a stroke being demonstrated in the pool, it’s hard for them to completely grasp the technique because they are only seeing it from one angle.

Underwater taken by photographer Kari Polak can capture the stroke in action so that students can see how it should look and adapt their technique accordingly. Plus, we think they’re just so cool to look at! And it seems we’re not the only ones. Kari’s photo of one of our students, Cameron Giles, and instructor Kellie Kolde was featured in May’s Houston Magazine. You can see the two page spread online here.

We’re so excited to see Kari’s talent publicly showcased and thought we would follow it up by sharing a few more of her amazing photos here. These photos from a recent under water photo shoot at the academy   show a few of our swimmers in action, demonstrating strokes or just being silly. Enjoy!

See more of Kari’s amazing work at her website!

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