We believe that everyone, from 6 months old through adulthood, can learn how to swim and learn essential water safety tips that can save their life. We offer several programs, including the Survival Swim Program, to meet each swimmer at his or her age and skill level. There is never any time limit so students receive personalized attention from qualified, certified instructors at his or her own pace.

Amelia Scott is an instructor at Texas Swim Academy and couldn’t wait to enroll her baby in our Survival Swim program. “Since my mom has a pool at home, I wanted her to learn her survival skills so that way if anything was to ever happen, she could survive and roll to her back and take a breath.”

Amelia’s little girl has been in the Survival Swim class for a few months now and can already float on her back and almost roll-back-to-float in the water, a primary swim survival method taught in this program that can save a infant’s life if they were to take a plunge in the water.

“We do teach them confidence, but it’s very important for us to have them survive if they were to fall into the pool.”

Tune to the video below to hear more from Amelia and visit our program page to learn more about our Survival Swim program and why it’s much different than a typical baby swim program: