Drowning is the not only the leading cause of accidental death for children under four years old, but the leading cause of accidental death for both children and adults on the autism spectrum. At Texas Swim Academy, we are dedicated to working with all swimmers, no matter their age, skill level, needs, or challenges to bring every child up to a level of excellence in the water. For children on the autism spectrum and children with special abilities, the Adaptive Aquatics is certainly a highly effective program to help swimmers learn essential water skills they need feel confident and comfortable in water so they can become safe and successful swimmers throughout their life.

Texas Swim Academy instructors are trained to work with each child individually to meet with their individual needs and learn their key interests, challenges, and fears. Adaptive Aquatics is very similar to our Survival Swim program in that it uses the same methods of teaching. Instructors will create a patient and encouraging environment to teach children how to swim, float, and swim in that progression. Students in this program are expected to do anything that any other swimmer can do as a result. Texas Swim Academy instructors will use what we call “castles” in the water. As children play and interactive play ensues in castles, we will see language and social skills start to develop. Based on a child’s individual needs, instructors will adjust the approach and layout of the class to support those needs.

For children on the autism spectrum, being in the water creates a calming and soothing environment where enervating noises are reduced or even eliminated. This creates a quiet atmosphere to help swimmers cope with everyday stresses, even when they are outside of the water. The benefits of swimming for children on the autism spectrum include improved attention span, social skills, and fine and gross motor skills.

All Texas Swim Academy instructors for the Adaptive Aquatics Program have been specially trained to learn what autism is, how it presents in children, and the methods that are most effective for reaching children on the autism spectrum to help them not only become successful in the pool, but very successful in life as well. Texas Swim Academy is committed to meeting every challenge as we strive to teach every child essential water skills he or she can use to feel confident in the water and in life. Tune into the video below to hear from one of our Adaptive Aquatic instructors, Ms. Melinda Winchell, and visit our programs page to learn more about this special swim program.