If you have little ones running around your outdoor pool, you may need to take extra steps to ensure that everything is safe for them. The winter months provide additional hazards, as the area around your pool will often be slippery and pools that are still filled will often reach near freezing temperatures. Follow this simple checklist to ensure that everything is safe.

The Winter Pool Safety Checklist | Texas Swim Academy Katy TexasMake Sure Everything is Put Away

During the winter, it’s highly unlikely that pool toys or accessories will be in use. Ensuring that everything is neatly tucked away is an excellent habit to get into all year around, but it’s also very important for the winter months when tripping on such items could quickly lead to disaster.

Put Up Fencing

Pool fencing is absolutely ideal for those that have toddlers or other small children. Even children who can crawl can easily slip out of an attentive parent’s grasp. Fencing is a necessity regardless of the season when there are young children around. During the winter, you should ensure that the fencing is secure.

Keep the Pool Covered

Your pool should always be covered whenever it is not in use. You should test your pool cover to make sure that it is thoroughly covering the pool, as becoming trapped underneath a pool cover can be more dangerous than not having a pool cover at all.

Winterize Your Pool

Draining your pool is usually the best solution if the weather will be approaching or below freezing. Draining your pool does not, however, make it less dangerous. Slipping and falling into a drained pool can still hurt someone. Even a drained pool needs to be cordoned off appropriately to protect your family. Along with ensuring that the environment around your pool is safe, you should also ensure that your children are educated on proper pool safety. Swimming lessons are a fantastic way to show your children how to relate to the pool in a safe and controlled manner and how to protect themselves if they do fall in.