Naomi’s Grace was founded by Jessica Mollon in memory of her 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter Naomi Grace, who passed away in 2019 after a tragic drowning accident in a backyard hot tub. While navigating the loss of a child is never a straight road, Jessica knew one thing…she needed to help other families from experiencing the nightmare she was now living. 

Naomi’s Grace

“Naomi’s Grace is founded on a two-part mission,” says Jessica. “Support pediatric organ donor’s families and provide water safety/drowning prevention resources to our community. Naomi was meant for more, and that ‘more’ was to save lives.” 

Naomi’s parents made the selfless decision to donate Naomi’s organs, and their sweet girl went on to be a hero to four families. Through her loss, Jessica recognized that pediatric organ donation came from some sort of unfathomable tragedy and having experienced the donation process firsthand, she felt it was her duty to ease the process for other families who would be in her position. 

“I actually experienced the financial support from another community organization and wanted to be able to provide the same to others,” says Jessica. “Because of fundraising efforts and generous financial donors, we are able to provide both resources and financial support to families who are going through the tragic experience of losing a child.”

Water Safety & Drowning Prevention

Another facet of Naomi’s Grace is the advocacy for water safety and drowning prevention. Prior to Naomi’s accident, Jessica, like many of us, didn’t know about different programs like survival swim lessons available for young children to learn how to swim. 

“I was ignorant of water safety and the opportunities that existed to [promote] child safety in and around water,” says Jessica. “I had never heard of [Survival Swimming Lessons] or the importance of them. I thought I knew what I was doing by providing a puddle jumper for my daughter every time she was in or around water; but I clearly was wrong. 

“Before Naomi’s accident, drowning was a thing in the news. The loss of Naomi shook my entire community, a community I had been raised in from infanthood up, and because of that, I knew I needed to use this as a platform to spread the message of water safety and drowning prevention resources.”

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children aged 1 to 4. It is fast, silent and preventable. Formal swimming lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent, while incorporating fences around your pool or hot tub reduces the risk by 83 percent. 

Jessica’s main goal with their foundation regarding water safety is to bring awareness through their experience. And to make people aware of the many resources and opportunities available to keep children safe in and around water. 

“I was that person that truly believed losing my child to drowning could never happen,” stresses Jessica. “But it did. I think it is so important for people to understand that this CAN happen to you.” 

Naomi’s Grace Joins Texas Swim Academy

Texas Swim Academy is proud to support Naomi’s Grace and the hard work Jessica and the foundation is doing to eradicate unintentional drownings. Naomi’s Grace recently launched a scholarship program with Texas Swim Academy to provide financial assistance to families of children aged 6 months to 5 years who are wanting to provide their children with the life saving skills survival swimming lessons provides. 

No family should ever have to turn down swimming lessons because they cannot afford them. We’re excited to partner with Naomi’s Grace and carry on Naomi’s legacy as a life changer. She was made to do big things, and every family that hears her story and learns the value of swimming lessons and pediatric organ donation is another way she moves mountains. 

Please visit Naomi’s Grace to learn more about the foundation, as well as to apply for a survival swim lesson scholarship in Naomi’s name.  To learn more about our survival swim program, please visit us here

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