For many, the thought of becoming a triathlete seems overwhelming and maybe even unattainable. While we’ve seen time and time again that you’re never too old to do the things you set your mind to, what about being too young? The truth is, there’s no reason why children can’t become triathletes at a young age themselves. Both Texas Swim Academy and Texas Fury Tri Team are excited to work together to ensure our local youth are equipped with the skills necessary to be strong and successful triathletes. 

What is the Fury Tri Team?

The Fury Tri is the premier youth triathlon team in Katy and is dedicated to helping kids find something enjoyable to do that keeps them active and develops a path to lifelong health and fitness. Founder and Head Coach Meagan Davis notes the importance of kids starting triathlons at a young age. 

We get to teach them about working towards goals, working hard, learning new things, being adaptable, teamwork, and hopefully lots of other skills that help throughout their lives,” she says. 

She notes that while running comes naturally to many kids, the biking and swimming portion require more of an investment in the skillset. While Fury Tri offers pre-triathlon classes to help kids work on their biking skills, they recommend Texas Swim Academy for swimming lessons. 

“Swimming, in order to really get efficient and comfortable, takes a lot of hands on work and feedback along the way,” says Coach Davis. “The stroke development program [at Texas Swim Academy] gets the kids swimming confidently and proficiently, so that they can then join our group swim practices at TSA. They provide a strong base of fundamentals.”

Since swimming is such an integral part of the Fury Tri Team, Texas Swim Academy remains dedicated to providing superior stroke development lessons designed to advance swimmers to the next level. 

Stroke Development Lessons

A strong swim stroke is beyond valuable to a triathlete, notes Coach Davis, as the more efficient you are in the water, the less energy you are using while completing each section, allowing you to compete for faster times. By giving kids this skill set at a young age, they remain ahead of some of the adult triathletes who never learned proper swim techniques, leaving them exhausted at transitionary portions of the race. 

The Stroke Development Lessons offered at Texas Swim Academy are taught in a manner where one skill is built upon the next. And the repetitive practice allows the kids to learn each skill set proficiently, making them not only strong swimmers, but strong triathletes, as well. 

Swimming Is an Invaluable Skill

“Swimming is a non-negotiable skill for kids,” says Coach Davis. “Whether or not they decide to compete in a triathlon or on a swim team, they need to learn to swim for safety, and do it as young as they can.” 

Multisport triathlons are great for growing and developing young bodies and helping to build a well-rounded athlete. Be sure to check out the Fury Tri Team or give them a call at 832-364-8676. For more information about beginning swimming lessons or stroke development lessons, contact Texas Swim Academy


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