Our look at  National Water Safety  Month  continues with the Swimmer Safety Pledge, a great way to get your child involved. The  Safe Swimmer’s Pledge  is short, easy to remember and a perfect way to focus kids’ attention on important lessons for National Water Safety Month:

  1. I pledge to never swim alone.
  2. I pledge to never play or swim near drains or suction fittings.
  3. I pledge to always dive feet first.
  4. I pledge to obey the pool rules.


If you look at those closely, each one of them encapsulates a critical item to stay safe around water. “Never swim alone” is great for children who are beginning to explore the water more independently. “Never play near drains” is a reminder that these areas in the pool can be dangerous. “Always dive feet first” is a welcome reminder to play safely, in a pool or any body of water. “Obey pool rules” is something we all need to do.

Don’t forget to download a  Safe Swimmer’s Pledge Certificate  to present to your child – they’ve earned it! Make sure you share the pledge with friends and family, to get everyone involved in staying safe in the water.

Water safety is our focus this month, but parents and caregivers should always be on the lookout for opportunities to remind children of safety issues in and around the water. Take the Safe Swimmer’s Pledge regularly and look on it as chance for a periodic refresher course in basic water safety.

Stay with us this month for continuing coverage of National Water Safety Month, including summer water safety tips to prepare for the hot weather. We’re also going to talk about life jackets and floaties and the surprising reasons you might want to think twice about using those safety items to teach your child how to swim.