Quite often we think of swimming lessons with a sense of urgency – children must learn to swim or it can absolutely be detrimental. And the truth is, that sense of urgency is greatly important because children need to feel safe in and around water, and be equipped with the skills necessary thrive in the pool or anywhere where there’s water. This holiday season, why not encourage the extended family in your life to think of your child’s future and give the gift of swimming lessons.

Sure, toys are fun. And there’s probably nothing that will make a child more content, in that moment, than a new toy, but when Grandma or Grandpa, or even their favorite aunt and uncle, gift them with swimming lessons, they are giving them a lifelong joy of the water. Whether your child swims out of pure enjoyment and fun, or becomes a competitive swimmer, the lessons started at a young age establish confidence, safety, and better health – all things that are far more valuable than the hottest toy on the shelves.

At Texas Swim Academy, we take pride in providing children the ability to survive and thrive in the water. Strong swimmers are safe swimmers. You never know what can happen in the water, and proper swimming technique can help keep kids safe. Swimming lessons also build confidence in and out of the water. And bottom line? Swimming is fun, and the better children become, the more fun they’ll have.

Let us help your family give the perfect gift to your children this holiday season. Contact Texas Swim Academy today to learn more about the programs we offer. We look forward to starting 2017 off in the right direction by helping to give a gift that will last a lifetime.