heart health and swimming

Most people will tell you that any exercise is good for the heart, and swimming is no different. But swimming is an especially popular cardiovascular exercise because of the way it works the hearts muscles. It doesn’t put as much strain on the heart as other exercises like running, aerobics and weight training do, an important factor when determining what workout routine is best for you.

Because of the way the human body interacts with water while swimming, it is a great exercise for people who suffer from back and leg pain or arthritis, people who are overweight or pregnant, and people who have heart disease, just to name a few. Studies have shown that once immersed in water, the heart rate also slows down, which is another reason why swimming does wonders for the heart.

For those who think their exercise routine has to consist of drills to the like Michael Phelps, they’re wrong. Start slow with a five to 10 minute basic lap swim or walk the length of the pool a number of times. Incorporate water aerobics into your routine or jog in the water. There isn’t a right way to work out in the pool, just a way that works best for you.


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