The pool can be one of your child’s favorite places and the perfect summertime spot for fun and bonding. While they are a fantastic way to escape the heat and enjoy sunny days together, pools can also be extremely dangerous.

We at Texas Swim Academy love the water and encourage every child to spend as much time as possible in it, but we take water safety very seriously and never mince words when it comes to drowning prevention. When you’re at the pool or around any water, your child’s safety is paramount and must ALWAYS be your number one priority.

  • While children are in the pool they need your undivided attention. Never, ever leave children alone in the pool at any age.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that an adult who knows how to administer CPR should actively supervise children at all times.  
  • Children under the age of five should never be more than an arm’s length away from the supervising adult at all times.
  • Keep rescue equipment accessible at all times.
  • Especially when younger children are present, put up a fence creating a barrier between your home and your pool so children can’t get into the pool area without your knowledge.
  • After using the pool, remove any and all pool toys from in and around the pool to avoid the temptation to get in the water.
  • When multiple children are present, assign one adult to supervise each child.
  • When children are getting too rowdy, calmly remove them from the pool and explain the dangers to them. Don’t let them return to the pool until they have calmed down.
  • Don’t confuse air filled swimming aids with life jackets. They are not the same thing.
  • Finally, never make assumptions. Just because your child knows how to swim does not mean that he or she is always safe in the water and no longer needs supervision. Even at a public pool, it is your responsibility to watch you child.

It is never too early to teach your child water safety skills. At Texas Swim Academy, we offer infant survival swim lessons that teach water safety techniques through a gentle introduction that will establish trust and comfort in the water. Our amazing teachers will transform your young child from seemingly helpless to a capable young swimmer. Being introduced to the water and learning to swim as early as possible is a crucial step to ensuring a lifetime of water safety.



Texas Swim Academy is a state-of-the-art swimming facility offering water safety, survival swim, and kids swimming lessons in Katy, Texas. Owners Kathleen and Bruce McMordie, alongside our certified staff, help parents introduce children to water at an early age through the Infant Survival Swim Program , teaching life-saving techniques and basic swimming skills.

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