Looking for some summer fun ideas to keep everyone entertained? Reel the kids in with this creative spin on poolside fishing from www.toddlerstoday.com. MATERIALS 1 stick (3-feet long) twine/string craft foam in several different colors google eyes magnets paper clips hot glue scissors 2 hula hoops DIRECTIONS Tie a piece of string or twine about  Read More

Since April is Autism Awareness month, we’d like to share some information about our special swimming program for children with autism. This program teaches lifes-saving skills to autistic children of all ages and helps them to embrace their natural affinity with water in a safe and beneficial way. Many students choose to take the instruction further, with stroke development and competitive swim.

Swimming can be a great activity for kids with special needs for various reasons. Not only does swimming provide important physical fitness and social benefits, but it also helps protect children against accidental drowning. According to The Red Cross, about 3,500 Americans drown each year, averaging ten deaths per day. More than one in five  Read More