Swimming can be a great activity for kids with special needs for various reasons. Not only does swimming provide important physical fitness and social benefits, but it also helps protect children against accidental drowning. According to The Red Cross, about 3,500 Americans drown each year, averaging ten deaths per day. More than one in five fatal drowning victims are children 14 and younger. Additionally, the National Autism Association identifies accidental drowning as a leading cause of death for individuals with autism. Of parents of children with autism, 32% reported close call’ with a possible drowning. Programs geared toward children with special needs, such as Angelfish Therapy’s Swim Whisperers, can help. Their primary goal is to help any child achieve confidence as an independent swimmer. They help children who have had little to no success learning to swim through conventional methods learn to swim with confidence.

About Swim Whisperers

Designed with children in mind who might find swimming challenging due to physical or psychological obstacles in learning to swim, the Swim Whisperers program caters to a variety of needs. It is helpful for kids who experience difficulty processing information and problems with motor skills, as well as those with sensory or attention issues – or any condition that presents physical or psychological challenges when learning to swim. In some instances, obstacles may be as simple as fear of submerging the head or venturing from the side of the pool.

Spearheaded by Ailene Tisser and Cindy Freedman, the program draws on the therapists’ 20 years of experience in physical/occupational therapy, pairing a decade of experience in aquatic therapy with a deep knowledge of the issues that inhibit the learning of basic swim skills.

Texas Swim Academy instructors are Swim Whispers certified and here to help all the children in the Katy and Houston community.

Enjoy the Water

Swimming can be an enjoyable, and life saving, accomplishment for children with special needs. Consider enrolling your child in a program that can cater to their specific needs and help them become a confident and independent swimmer. For more information on Texas Swim Academy’s programs for swimming and special needs kids, please contact us or give us a call at (832) 437-6186 today.

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Texas Swim Academy is an infant, child and adult swim lesson facility. The academy strives to introduce children to water at an early age through  survival swim, and to fully develop their swim stroke abilities through adulthood through  stroke development. Children are taught life saving swim safety skills and have the option to prepare for competitive swim team. Texas Swim Academy also offers  parent-child classes  to grow the bond between parent and child and to provide a seamless, comfortable introduction to water for children. To learn more about Texas Swim Academy’s swim lessons, infant aquatics and other  programs, please call (832) 437-6186.

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