We love how swimming can bring the whole family together – another perk to taking swim lessons and stroke development classes at Texas Swim Academy! As spring draws near, many of our Katy community residents will be opening their pools a little early this year. In case you’ve played a few too many games of Marco Polo, here are some other suggestions for fun pool games the whole family can enjoy. Before you play, make sure everyone is protected with sunscreen and that an adult is present to supervise at all times. Here are a few games that will make a splash:

Categories is a great game for swimmers of all skill levels. The game starts with one person who is standing in the center of the pool with their back to the other swimmers, who are lined up along one side of the pool. The person chooses a category – let’s say colors. The swimmers along the wall each choose a color (don’t say it out loud). The person begins to call out different colors and each swimmer advances quietly when their color is called. The swimmer listens for movement (no peaking!) and tries to catch swimmers before they reach the opposite side of the pool. The first person tagged is next. For older kids, you can choose different categories, such as car models, flower types, anything – use your imagination!

Treasure Hunt
One person with goggles hides the treasure piece at the bottom of the pool. Everyone else stands outside with their backs to the pool. The treasure can be hidden in the shallow or deep end, depending on the swimming skills of the participants. After the object is hidden, the treasure seekers stand outside the pool and look for the object. When they spot it, swimmers can jump in and try to grab it. The winner gets to hide the object for the next treasure hunt.

Variation: You can hide several objects and split treasure hunters into two teams. Time teams as they retrieve objects. The team with the fastest time wins.

Water sports
Sports games like volleyball and basketball can also be great fun in the pool, especially if your family has a competitive spirit. Stretch a net across the pool for a game of friendly water volleyball. Or you can play some one-on-one or practice your free throws with a basketball and hoop in the shallow end of the pool.

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