Since April is Autism Awareness month, we’d like to share some information about our special swimming program for children with autism. This program teaches life-saving skills to autistic children of all ages and helps them to embrace their natural affinity with water in a safe and beneficial way. Many students choose to take the instruction further, with stroke development and competitive swim.

Why Is This Program Important?

Drowning is the number one cause of death for children and adults with autism. Most autistic children are naturally drawn to water, so this makes swimming and water safety skills vital. But enrolling an autistic child in a traditional swimming class could have negative results. Most swimming instructors are not trained to work with autistic swimmers and don’t understand their unique learning requirements.

Why Our Program

We have been trained by the leading experts in autistic swim instruction to communicate effectively with autistic swimmers, using proven teaching methods that accommodate their learning patterns. We create a calm and reassuring environment and pase our instruction to suit the individual needs and abilities of each swimmer.

How Will the Child Benefit?

In addition to swimming skills, parents often report other side benefits, including improved speech and cognitive function. Many autistic children find the water very soothing and therapeutic, making it an ideal learning environment for them. Because of the calming effect that swimming tends to have, many parents find that regular pool time helps students to cope with day to day stresses. And it’s just fun! Students enjoy the challenges of learning something new and working on their swimming skills. Some students enjoy competitive aspects as well and work to improve their speed and agility in the water.

Rohini Bal enrolled her four year old son in our program after a year of unsuccessful instruction at another swim academy. “He loves water in every sense of the word and enjoys interacting with it. It excites and calms him at the same time.” She said when asked about her choice to enroll him. “I knew he really enjoyed swimming and was looking around for an appropriate place which would understand his needs and teach him how to swim.”

It didn’t take long for Rohini to start seeing results. Today she considers the program a success.

“I could not have come across a better place. Kathleen’s knowledge of working with children on the spectrum is very helpful, she knows just how to motivate the child to learn while having fun and importantly does not rush them. Her focus on safety and getting the basics right is bang on. My son has learned not only basic survival techniques but also how to swim. Something he did not learn in over a year of instruction at another swim club.”

We’re so happy with Rohini’s experience and aim to provide this outcome with every one of our swimmers! Classes are available to children on all ranges of the autism spectrum. For more information on our autistic swimming program, or to check class times and availability, call our office today! To learn more about autism, visit the National Autism Association online.

Texas Swim Academy is an infant, child and adult swim lesson facility. The academy strives to introduce children to water at an early age through SURVIVAL SWIM, and to fully develop their swim stroke abilities through adulthood through STROKE DEVELOPMENT. Children are taught life saving swim safety skills and have the option to prepare for competitive swim team. Texas Swim Academy also offers PARENT-CHILD CLASSES to grow the bond between parent and child and to provide a seamless, comfortable introduction to water for children. To learn more about Texas Swim Academy’s swim lessons, survival swim and other PROGRAMS, please call (832) 437-6186. Don’t forget to connect with us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER!