Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Houston Texas Swim Academy Team

At Texas Swim Academy there are some causes that are very close to our hearts. One is the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. A few months ago we invited you to join our Avon Walk Houston 2013 team as we committed to raise funds for this worthy charity and prepare to walk 39 miles in two days to raise breast cancer awareness across the city. With Avon Walk Houston 2013 just ten days away, we’d like to share our progress with you as well as our passion for this amazing cause.

Avon Walk Houston 2013: Why It’s Important to Texas Swim Academy

All of the members of our team have been touched by breast cancer in some way. Our team leader and Texas Swim Academy owner, Kathleen McMordie, lost her mother to breast cancer when she was just 18. Kathleen knows that if the resources we have today had been available then, the outcome could have been very different for her mother and her family. Yet, even with today’s research and medical understanding of the disease, so many women are still going without basic preventative care, early diagnosis and treatment.

Money raised by the Houston Avon Walk is donated to a network of local programs and services dedicated to making screening and treatment available to all women, especially in our underserved communities. In 2012, Avon issued over $1.5 million in grants to Houston area treatment and research centers thanks to money raised in last year’s walk. The grants are awarded at the end of the two day walk for all the participants to witness, so we can all see exactly where our hard work and money is going to. (You can see the list of last year’s local recipients here at the Avon Walk website.)

Why Avon Walk Houston 2013 is Important to Our Community

  • A woman has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime.
  • Every 3 minutes, there is a new diagnosis of invasive breast cancer.
  • White, non-Hispanic women are more likely to develop breast cancer but African-American women are more likely to die from it.
  • Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Hispanic women.
  • Every 13 minutes, a life is lost to breast cancer.
  • Approximately 230,480 women and 2,140 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.
  • 39,520 women and 450 men in the U.S. will die from the disease annually.

It’s Not Too Late to Help!

With ten days to go, the walk is fast approaching. While we’ve raised a good amount of money, we still need help to reach our goal! Donations can be made online by visiting our team’s page here on the Avon Walk website. We appreciate all of your support!

Watch out for us on April 20th and 21st as we walk to make a difference in breast cancer treatment and prevention!

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