Recently, we were visited by Janelle and her beautiful daughter Adeline. After doing some extensive online research, Janelle enrolled her child in the Infant Survival Swim program at Texas Swim Academy. The following is an excerpt from her website Route to Health and Wealth describing the process, and both her and Adeline’s experiences. “Infant Survival  Read More

There are many reasons to introduce your children to water either early in survival swim or during early childhood stroke development swim lessons. Not only is learning to swim one of the best measures of safety for our kids, but it’s also extremely beneficial to their health! Muscle formation is key to coordination and injury  Read More

Eight years ago marks an important time for Bruce and Kathleen McMordie – the decision to transform a passion of teaching child aquatic safety into a reality. Meet Kathleen and Bruce McMordie In 2004, Kathleen became certified in teaching survival swim and child swim lessons. Kathleen’s devotion and passion to prevent accidents and teach children  Read More