Recently, we were visited by Janelle and her beautiful daughter Adeline. After doing some extensive online research, Janelle enrolled her child in the Infant Survival Swim program at Texas Swim Academy. The following is an excerpt from her website Route to Health and Wealth describing the process, and both her and Adeline’s experiences.


“Infant Survival Swim

I had heard about infant survival swim about four years ago from a coworker, and even though having my own kids was not yet on my mind, I knew that was something I wanted to look into when that day came. We live in a neighborhood with a large lake and spend a lot of time around water in general. Our main motivator in pursuing these lessons was truly just the peace of mind that Adeline would have some skill and knowledge of what to do if an accident ever happened.  

After quite a bit on online research, I decided on Texas Swim Academy for their infant survival swim program. Their location is in Katy, Texas, and their pools are heated year round so you can enroll any time throughout the year.

Wondering what infant survival swim is? It might look like magic, but it really is a very thoughtful process! Adeline’s teacher Gabriela taught my daughter who doesn’t know how to talk (and couldn’t even walk when she started lessons) to roll over onto her back when put face first in the water and float for close to a minute. I am so impressed with the results we’ve seen, I just want everyone to know this is out there!

How Do The Lessons Work?

Infant survival swim at Texas Swim Academy is for children 6 months to 4 years old.

It starts with a fairly intense lesson schedule. You go four times a week for four weeks, followed by two times a week for two weeks, and then once a week for as long as you and your teacher decide is best.

The lessons are 1:1 and only 15 minutes long (which I realize seems really short but honestly, that is probably just about all Adeline could handle). The babies are working hard at these lessons! On the positive side – I was almost always guaranteed a good nap afterward!

Unlike many swimming lessons for babies, the parents do not get in the water at Texas Swim Academy…”


Read the rest of Janelle’s article here and be sure to comment on her page with any questions about the program!



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