Children learn to swim at different paces and require personalized instruction to become completely comfortable in the water. With this understanding, the Survival Swim Program at the Texas Swim Academy teaches all children, regardless of age, the skills necessary to feel confident and safe in the water based on his or her individual needs.

The skilled instructors are dedicated to providing one-on-one attention to each and every child, and both parent and child love the dedicated  staff and motivational lessons at Texas Swim Academy. Each child begins by learning basic safety skills in the water, and as they progress, they are given the instruction they need to propel forward and feel confident and independent in the water.

Texas Swim Academy mom, Rohini, enjoy watching her son swim independently in the water now after only a few months of lessons. Watch her talk about why she and her son enjoy the Survival Swim Program at Texas Swim Academy, and why she would recommend it to every parent.

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