Texas Swim Academy’s Survival Swim program is a great opportunity for children and parents alike. As a parent, one of the best things you can do for your children, regardless of their age, is to make sure they are comfortable in the water. Since kids instinctively love the water, it is important to make sure they have the necessary swimming skills to maneuver safely. In our Survival Swim program, Texas Swim Academy’s  skilled instructors guide the children through the process of learning to swim, and help them become confident and independent swimmers in a matter of weeks rather than years.

Your child already enjoys the water, so he or she will love our one on one swimming lessons. In these short, 15 minute classes, our instructors teach the kids to float on their backs, swim to the side of the pool, and practice basic motor skills in the water. As the children get more and more comfortable in the water, they begin to enjoy swimming more and  parents are relieved and become more confident in their child’s abilities as they watch the kids progress so rapidly in such a short amount of time.

To learn more about how our  baby swimming lessons and survival swim programs can be a great fit for your child, check out this video from Texas Swim Academy customer and mom, Lindsey. In the video, Lindsey talks about the great things the Survival Swim lessons have done for her 2 1/2 year old and some of her favorite parts of the program.

Ready to enroll your child in a program today? Contact us through our website, or stop by our location at 3514 Greenbusch in Katy.

Texas Swim Academy  is an infant, child and adult swim lesson facility. The academy strives to introduce children to water at an early age through  SURVIVAL SWIM, and to fully develop their swim stroke abilities through adulthood through  STROKE DEVELOPMENT.  Children are taught life saving swim safety skills and have the option to prepare for competitive swim team. Texas Swim Academy also offers  PARENT-CHILD CLASSES  to grow the bond between parent and child and to provide a seamless, comfortable introduction to water for children. To learn more about Texas Swim Academy’s swim lessons, survival swim and other  PROGRAMS, please call (832) 437-6186. Don’t forget to connect with us on  FACEBOOK  and TWITTER!