April is National Autism Awareness month, and today is World Autism Awareness Day. In honor of both, it seemed the ideal moment to shine the spotlight on an amazing Texas swimmer, Devin Ross. Devin was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. His mother was told that he would never go to college nor would he live on his own. However, in 2008 he moved to Louisiana to attend Centenary College. He achieved many feats such as the 2011 Summit League Conference Champion and two time Summit Swimmer of the week. Most notably though, he defeated all odds and made it to the 2012 Olympic Trials. Devin believes his autism did not hinder his abilities but rather, strengthened them. We love that he continues to encourage those with autism, proving that they can reach their goals.

As Devin demonstrates, swimming is an excellent resource for children with autism. Various studies have proven that physical activity is helpful for Autism Spectrum Disorder. We have found personally at Texas Swim Academy, along with our wonderful parents, that swim lessons can diminish occurrences of repetitive behaviors, provide an opportunity for social interactions, increase attention span, improve physical fitness, and improve verbal communication.

At Texas Swim Academy, it is our goal to help all children learn swim safety and skills. The Adaptive Aquatics program is designed specifically for children with autism. The swimmers learn how to be safe in the water, as well as develop skills for out of the water. Contact us today for more information about this program.