The winter months are a great time to enroll your child into a swim course. Texas Swim Academy, partnered with, is passionate about water safety and survival, both of which can be learned within the academy and before a young child enters another, private pool. The Katy, Texas Adaptive Aquatics Program is a special course that was designed to benefit those with special needs. These children often experience sensory problems that can make day-to-day living difficult. Though some children have a hard time controlling their body in a normal setting, they often thrive in the water. Swimming can be an experience that fill up the days with bliss for these children. Here are just a few of the sensory motor benefits of swimming.

A Great Calm

There is a lot more pressure under the water than in the air. This pressure touches every surface of the body and is a unique, full contact medium that is calming to all who enter the water. The majority of children who receive instruction from a professional facility discover that this is their safe zone, where all the weight is gone and they can just “be.”

Promote Body Awareness

Swimming and moving in the water enhances sensory input. This further develops the physical awareness of the child and improves their motor skills. They will learn to use muscles and systems that they have never previously engaged. Children who know how to swim can do many of the same motions in the water that others can do on land.

Improved Oral Skills

Being in the water will promote the development of good oral skills. This is thanks to all the fun that your child will have in the water. They can blow bubbles, blow a ping pong ball, blow through a straw and perform many other acts that have been designed to improve their capabilities. They will also communicate with staff and others in the pool area who share their love for the water.

Strengthen Muscles

Going for a swim is hard work, and it takes a lot of stamina to complete many tasks. Swimming is great exercise, as the pressure from the water counters the motion of your hands. Nearly every muscle in the body is used when one is swimming.

Fine Tune Motor Planning Skills

Trained professionals will be able to provide your child with hands-on attention. The academy is especially passionate about teaching pool safety when it comes to children of all needs and abilities. This will provide your child with a new found confidence in the water that they will carry with them throughout life.    

Join Adaptive Aquatics Today

Enrolling your child in an adaptive aquatics class could be very beneficial and have many benefits including the improvement of sensory motor skills. If you would like more information on this programs, as well as others, please visit our services page or contact a representative with Texas Swim Academy today.