In the world of sports, the triathlon is the ultimate of all competitions. There are adults who spend many years preparing and training to reach their goal of simply completing a triathlon, much less winning. The word “Triathlon” means “three sports” in the Greek language, and millions have given their all to this competition for generations. Generally, the three sports that make up a triathlon include running, cycling and swimming. Competitors race for the fastest time, as well as smooth transitions between the different events. Completing a course takes great skill and determination. Though this is an advanced competition, triathlons in Katy, Texas are not limited to adults. There are many benefits to competing in this type of competition that can also be valuable to athletic kids.

Set Goals and Reach Them

Completing a triathlon is a dream for many adults, who set the goal and do whatever it takes to meet it. Children can also learn a great deal about dedication and determination when they start training for a triathlon. Being able to compete in this type of course requires a lot of stamina, which is developed over time with consistent training. There is no such thing as missed practices for successful athletes, and kids will learn that hard work is rewarded when they cross the finish line at the end of a triathlon.

Learn New Skills

Triathlons require the competitors to be proficient in three different areas: swimming, cycling and running. Kids who decide to compete in the event will need to fine tune each skill until they are ready to compete. If they were not a fast runner or able to cover long distance before, they will be able to after training for a triathlon. Preparing for the event is also a great way to become a good swimmer. Parents should consider enrolling their child athlete into a swim course, so that they can learn techniques that will propel them to the head of the crowd.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Completing a triathlon is tough, even for natural child athletes. To be able to finish the course, competitors must be in good health and have great stamina. During the time in which a kid is preparing for the big race, they will learn about eating healthy meals and exercising on a regular basis. Taking the time to explain to children why these actions are so important to bodily healthy will help them to develop a respect for the body.

Meet New Friends

Another perk to triathlons is that your child will have an opportunity to meet other kids who are also passionate about competing in sports. They could form connections and make lifelong friends through this friendly competition.

Start Training Now

If your child is interested in competing in a triathlon, now is the time to begin training. The staff at Texas Swim Academy is well equip with the knowledge to train your child to perform proficiently. If you have additional questions, visit our programs page or contact a representative today.