Texas Swim Academy recently announced their partnership with SwimSpray LLC, to make, use and sell the vitamin C-based chlorine removal product for swimmers. As part of the agreement, Texas Swim Academy gains the right to provide large format bottles of SwimSpray to our members, making us the one of the only swim schools offering this new technology.

SwimSpray was invented by Dr. Andrew Chadeayne in 2009, and uses a concentrated, pH-balanced form of vitamin C to neutralize the chlorine that normally binds to a swimmer’s hair, skin and swim equipment. According to independent laboratory testing, SwimSpray neutralizes chlorine 100 times more effectively than shampoos, soaps and body washes geared toward chlorine removal.

“Everyone in the swim industry struggles with chlorine-related side effects with prolonged exposure to the water,” says Texas Swim Academy owner Kathleen McMordie. “After trying SwimSpray in our facilities, we were amazed by how well it eliminated these chlorine problems.

“Texas Swim Academy is being proactive by partnering with SwimSpray to bring in an easy solution for maintaining healthy skin for swimmers and instructors after being in the pool. We are making this investment in swimmer’s health because we don’t want anything to stand in the way of our mission to foster a lifelong love of swimming.”

Dr. Chadeayne said he is impressed with Texas Swim Academy’s dedication to a swimmer’s health, especially since many swimming facilities view chlorine problems as a personal care issue that falls outside of the responsibility of the pool facility.

“This seems wrong because the pool operator is actually in the best position to prevent chlorine-related harm because they have the ability to provide a solution to the masses in a central location,” says Dr. Chadeayne. “I was so happy to learn that Texas Swim Academy wanted to become part of the solution instead of denying responsibility for the problem.”

Be sure to check out SwimSpray during your next visit to Texas Swim Academy. You can currently pick up a 6 oz bottle for $13. We are here to answer any additional questions you may have.



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