Larry Stewart, of Katy, understands all too well how quickly disaster can happen when his son, Kameron, had a near-drowning experience during a birthday party in 2013.

“I left to go to the store, and while I was at [there], I got a call that said my youngest son had just drowned,” says Stewart. Thankfully, one of the family friends in attendance was a registered nurse, and she sprang into action as soon as Kameron was pulled out of the water. He wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse, so she performed CPR until the paramedics arrived.

“It’s very important for kids to learn how to swim to prevent these types of accidents,” says Stewart. “Had my friend not been there, Kameron probably would be dead right now.”

Enrolling in Texas Swim Academy in 2015 helped his son regain his confidence in the water, not only overcoming his fear of drowning, but also becoming an avid swimmer who enjoys coming to lessons.

But this process wasn’t easy for Kameron. Stewart recognized his need to be Kameron’s advocate after being enrolled in a different swim school shortly after the accident, noticing that Kameron wasn’t happy and crying during lessons.

“I thought they were going a little too fast for him to have just had a near drowning [experience],” says Stewart. So Stewart brought Kameron to Texas Swim Academy to try and find the perfect facility that would work with him at a pace that would allow him to learn while healing.

“And when I brought him here and talked to Kathleen, she had that motherly approach to it. She went slow and in steps with him. And after about two weeks, he was excited to come.”

Finding the perfect swim school is imperative in a child’s ability to excel during lessons, and establishing a student-instructor relationship built on trust allows them to learn and grow in a way that will not only excite them about being in the water but develop a lifelong confidence around it, as well.

Texas Swim Academy offers swimming lessons to children of all ages and levels of experience. Contact us today to learn more.

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