At Texas Swim Academy, we strive to provide the best for our students. Teaching students how to swim is not the only skill we like to focus on at our facility. We like to create a calm and patient environment where we focus on water safety in addition to swimming skills. By establishing this strong foundation that allows a child to feel confident and comfortable in the water, swimmers graduate to become strong, successful, safe swimmers for a lifetime. Here are the big benefits that you can expect by enrolling your child at Texas Swim Academy:


1. Learn Essential Water Safety Skills & Survival Techniques

When Kathleen and Bruce McMordie opened Texas Swim Academy in 2004, they wanted to share water safety and survival skills to families across Houston and Katy. That notion still holds true today. Water safety is a huge driving force in all that we do. We want every person who walks into our facility to learn how to swim and learn proper water safety they can keep for a lifetime. We don’t see ourselves as a swim club, but a state-of-the-art facility focused on producing safe swimmers with proper stroke development and healthy love and confidence for swimming. Texas Swim Academy specializes in Survival Swim techniques that teach babies as young as six months old to be proficient in basic water survival skills. Just a few basics can teach a baby how to intuitively roll-to-back-float, open eyes underwater, and develop a comfort and love for the water. This lasting love for the water allows a child to become a stronger swimmer throughout his or her lifetime. These skills can also save their life in the event that he or she takes an accidental plunge in the water. Very young children (12-24 months) can also benefit from the Survival Swim Program. One- and two-year olds in Survival Swim can quickly learn how to enter and exit the water unassisted, swim underwater by themselves, and back-float for extended periods of time. Our instructors not only focus on teaching children how to swim, but ensure that the child feels comfortable and confident while they learn. This is a foundation for building strong and safe swimmers and a lifetime of fun in the water.


2. Several Programs to Match Every Age or Skill Level

While we specialize in Survival Swim, we offer several different swim programs that meet different ages and skill levels for the growing swimmer. We understand that every child learns at his or her own pace. We understand that with the right individual guidance, learning can be more effective. Our Stroke Development Program is our step-by-step program where one swimming skill is built upon another. Stroke Development classes are broken down into six different levels of classes based on factors such as age, maturity, physical strength, swimming strokes, and coordination. The requirements and lessons learned in each level are building blocks and bridges to the next level. There are no time limits for completion of each level. Our Adaptive Aquatics Program is a special program focused on teaching life-saving swim skills for children with special abilities and children on the autism spectrum. Texas Swim Academy instructors are trained by leading experts in autism swim instruction to effectively communicate to swimmers on the autism spectrum and create a calm, patient, and reassuring environment for them. No matter a child’s age, skill level, or individual needs, Texas Swim Academy is committed to teaching every child valuable skills and confidence in the water. And we’re proud to offer several programs that can be tailored to meet individual needs, abilities, and challenges.


3. Your Child Will Learn to Swim in Weeks Not Years

Our facility goes above and beyond to ensure every child receives the individual attention he or she needs to succeed in the water with results-oriented swim programs. Unlike most other swimming facilities, children learn lifesaving swim skills in a matter of weeks, not years. All of our instructors go through intensive in water training by Certified Survival Swim Specialists. With the highest quality of training available, instructors focus on repetition of basic skills, strokes, and water survival strategies to make lessons extremely effective. By incorporating repetition, learned water skills are turned into an instinctive pattern and reaction that is required in survival situations. Repetition creates a familiarity and comfort with essential water safety techniques and ensures that they are used successfully when in an emergency situation. Simply participating in baby swim lessons and touching on techniques is not enough to ensure a swimmer’s success. Our instructors are specially trained to be effective, patient, and encouraging; this ensures that swimming skills stick in less the time it would take in a typical swimming program.

Texas Swim Academy is focused on building a strong positive foundation for every swimmer so they may enjoy a lifetime of swimming and enjoyment in the water. Through our programs, we focus on essential water safety skills and swim survival techniques. These skills are taught based on the individual needs of the swimmer to produce results in a matter of weeks, not years. The foundation we help establish advances students to become strong, confident swimmers for life.

Visit our programs page to learn more about the programs offered at Texas Swim Academy. If you have any questions or would like more information on our programs, please give us a call!


Texas Swim Academy is the best swim school near me offering result-oriented swimming lessons in Katy that cater to all ages and abilities. Our well-trained and experienced swimming instructors provide a variety of programs for infants through adulthood. For the little ones, we offer swimming lessons for babies and swimming lessons for toddlers focused on survival swimming skills to build a strong water safety foundation and foster water confidence at a young age. Once your child knows how to swim, our swim lessons for children will help refine techniques and build endurance, as the consistent practice of their swimming skills is an imperative part of becoming a strong swimmer. 

Our adaptive aquatics program is designed for children of all ages and abilities to ensure every child, including children on the autism spectrum, can benefit from these fundamental skills and enjoy the water in a safe and comfortable environment. Adults seeking to improve their swimming prowess or learn how to swim for the first time can enroll in adult swim lessons tailored to their specific goals.

Our swim lessons near me are a convenient and accessible way for you and your family to learn how to swim in a comfortable environment. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about teaching and ensuring your progress in the water. Take a few minutes to view Our Swimmer Stories to learn more about what other families are saying about their experience with Texas Swim Academy. 

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