School is back in session and the kids back to their routines, and you may be finding yourself wondering if there’s a place for non-school related activities in the schedule. Often times swimming lessons are considered a “summer only” activity, keeping kids occupied during June, July and August while both school, and the sun, are out for everyone to enjoy a dip in the pool.

But what about the other months of the year? The reality is, kids can benefit greatly from year-round swimming lessons rather than just enrolling in lessons during the three months of summer. Incorporating swimming lessons into your monthly routine is an invaluable asset to your child’s mental and physical well-being.

Safety First

The most important factor in year-round swimming lessons is that it helps your kids retain and improve their water safety skills. With more opportunities in the water, they are able to continuously increase their confidence in the water. There is no downside to extending lessons to a year-round basis as when their confidence continues to increase so does their understanding of water safety.

Continuing lessons throughout the year also allows for little swimmers to practice their skillset on a routine basis, which is important so they don’t develop bad habits or a fear of water as they grow.

After-School Lessons and Engagement

After school swimming lessons are a great way for kids to release their daily stress while increasing their strength, stamina and health. During the school year, kids are faced with the daily challenges of new subjects and homework, and while it may seem like one more thing to add to the mix, allowing them to jump in the pool will provide them a place where they can find a release from their educational responsibilities.

Year-round lessons also keep kids active, especially during the off-season. During the cooler months, outside activity tapers off, leaving kids without their usual mode of exercise. Swimming lessons provide great exercise, keeping kids fit and healthy, even if the weather doesn’t allow them their usual outside play time.

Engaging in year-round lessons allows kids to build their skills throughout the year and show them off come summer time. Contact Texas Swim Academy today to learn more about our programs for children of all ages.



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