As a parent, it is only natural to want to offer your child the chance to learn a new skill or hobby. However, when a parent enrolls their child into a sport or extracurricular activity, it is mostly to keep them active and make new friends. When you sign your child up for swim lessons in Cypress, Katy or Houston, Texas areas, you are giving them a gift that will positively affect his or her life in multiple ways. Children enrolled in swim survival programs learn crucial water safety and drowning prevention that can save their lives. Learning to swim can also boost their confidence. Of course, learning anything new can boost confidence to some level—but, swimming is different. Here’s how swim lessons can help build that confidence.

A Life-Saving Skill

The water is scary when you do not know how to master it. In an untrained child’s eyes, jumping into a pool might as well be like jumping out of an airplane. The reality is that the water, even though it can be so enjoyable, has also proved to be dangerous. Accidents like drowning occur in family pools every year, which is why parents are highly encouraged to get their child into swimming lessons as early as possible. This allows children, even very young ones, to be taught to make sure they know how to survive in the event of an accidental drowning. Developing that kind of skill, the capability to save yourself from something so potentially harmful, builds confidence in the most unique way. So why would any parent not want their child to learn such a life-saving skill?

Learning to be Good at Something

When you think back to your own childhood, you will probably find that your proudest moments were when you realized that you were good at something. Perhaps it was soccer, drawing or playing the piano (or maybe you were even a swimmer yourself). The kids of this generation are the same, and mastering the skill of swimming will give them real pride in themselves. During the six steps of Stroke Development program at Texas Swim Academy, your child will make goals and, most importantly, reach these goals. Each time they are able to move forward, they will become more certain than before that they are able to build on their swimming skills. They might even take this skill further and compete in competitions. Whatever they do with it, swimming will always be a root in their blooming self-confidence.


Receiving praise is the cornerstone of self-esteem. There are few things more satisfying than seeing a child light up with a smile after they are given praise for doing something well. This is one of the biggest ways that you can boost your child’s confidence. Children often seek this type of reassurance and pride from their parents and instructors by reaching to achieve new levels and capabilities. Positive encouragement and praise is rewarding to everyone involved.

Learn More about Swim Lessons

If you would like to learn more about swim lessons in Cypress, Katy or Houston, Texas, visit our Stroke Development page or contact a representative with Texas Swim Academy today.


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