At Texas Swim Academy, we’d like to share a story that is close to our heart. It’s about a boy and his courage and strength after he suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a diving accident.

His name is Chandler McBride, a bright, kind, 17-year-old who loves football and hanging out with friends and family. Chandler is so bright, in fact, that he is taking duel-enrollment courses at Western Michigan University. It was the beginning of the summer, just after his junior year at Three Rivers High School, when his life turned upside down.

On June 16th Chandler was swimming with a group of friends at a backyard swimming pool when he misjudged the depth of the pool and dove into the shallow end. Chandler, a healthy 6-foot, 190-pound football player, broke his neck and severed his spinal cord leaving him paralyzed from the neck down.

Because of his strength and endurance throughout the ups and downs of his recovery, Chandler’s injury has encouraged us to share and educate people on the importance of swim safety. At Texas Swim Academy, we provide the education and training parents, young adults and children need to learn about swim safety, including diving. We’d like to share some tips we gathered from Think First Foundation and the North American Spine Society. Please share these top 5 tips for diving injury prevention with your friends and family:

• Always know the depth of water before you dive. When in doubt, test the water before diving by wading or walking into the water feet first. A great way to remember this is “feet first, first time.
• Never swim or dive alone, always have a buddy.
• To dive safely, hold your head and arms up and steer with your hands. Keep your arms extended over your head during the dive.
• Don’t dive off the side of a diving board – dive straight ahead of yourself and test the diving board for its spring before diving.
• Never dive into an above-ground pool or into the shallow end of a pool. We recommend the water be at least 11 feet deep for safe diving from the side of a pool or deck.

To learn more about Chandler’s story and his recovery please follow his cause on the Chandler McBride Care Page. We also encourage you to donate to him and his amazing family through

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