The pool can be one of your child’s favorite places and the perfect summertime spot for fun and bonding. While they are a fantastic way to escape the heat and enjoy sunny days together, pools can also be extremely dangerous. We at Texas Swim Academy love the water and encourage every child to spend as  Read More

  With summer just around the corner, it’s nearly every kid’s favorite time of the year: swim team season. Since your children are likely to be spending even more time in the water than usual, it’s imperative you reinforce water safety rules as often as possible. Any swim lesson will be sure to include water  Read More

When the average person considers the ability to swim, they might not think of it as unique or special. But, for those who have physical or mental disabilities, swimming is a leisure activity that breaks through many of the boundaries that have been set by life.

Fostering a respect for the water within your child is essential to keeping them safe in aquatic situations. Many young children and toddlers love the water and enjoy playing in the cool waves, but pools, ponds, creeks and other bodies of water can be extremely dangerous. In fact, drowning is the second most common cause  Read More