Gone are the days when it was thought kids should be in preschool before they learn how to swim. As we now know (and as the American Academy of Pediatrics now openly acknowledges), children as young as one year of age should be taking survival swim lessons.

A parent’s knee-jerk reaction to this is fear. Fear of their child being injured in the water, fear of their child suffering emotionally, fear of the lessons themselves leading to a drowning incident. But it has been proven time and time again that survival swim lessons – lessons where babies learn to roll from their front to their backs and float – are an important life-saving skill.

The primary reason for enrolling your baby in survival swim lessons is simple: It can save your baby’s life. But there are a host of other reasons as well, including:

1. Water Confidence and Competency

Experiencing water in a positive and fun way is what we’re all about at Texas Swim Academy. Your child is gently introduced to the pool and taught that being in the water can be fun and enjoyable! We then build upon that confidence when the time is right by gradually teaching your child essential swim survival skills.

You may be surprised to find that as your child’s confidence grows, yours will too! You’re giving yourself peace of mind in knowing that your youngster has the ability to save him or herself should they be placed in a dangerous aquatic situation.

2. Building Stronger Bodies

As cute and tiny as your little one may be, he or she is amazingly strong! Survival swim lessons are a great way to help your child continue to build stronger muscles, and the physical activity means that they’ll likely enjoy a deeper and longer night’s sleep (which is a benefit for parents too, of course!).

3. Growing Sharper Minds

Survival swim lessons require your child to be able to respond to voice commands. Taking these lessons both increases their level of understanding and sharpens their cognitive skills.

Sound too good to be true? Griffith University in Australia conducted a study that found that children who swam in their early years (before kindergarten) were ahead of their non-swimming peers by as much as 15 months when it came to language, numerical literacy, and following direction.

At Texas Swim Academy, we offer swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. Contact us online or give us a call at (832) 4376-6186 to learn more about our Houston infant swim lessons, group lessons, adult programs and more!


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