Do you remember growing up and being told by teachers that there’s no such thing as a stupid question? As we grow older and wiser, we learn to avoid asking questions because we think we know the answer. But when it comes to survival swimming lessons, we want to remind you that asking questions is pivotal when determining where your child will learn their foundational swimming skills. 

There are usually a few ways to research survival swimming lessons – ask friends/family/neighbors for recommendations, or do a quick Google search. While both will yield a lot of opinions, it’s still important for you to do the legwork to find the right swim school for your child’s needs and to ensure they offer reputable lessons by knowledgeable swim instructors. Many places know how to sell themselves, but you need to know what you’re getting regarding quality.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Once you’ve determined which survival swim schools you want to pursue further, prepare a list of questions…and don’t be afraid to ask them! Some of the most important things you can and should ask include: 

What makes you different from other swim schools?

How long have you been in business?

How are your teachers trained? 

What does a lesson look like? 

Can I tour the facility? 

What does the projected growth in the water for my child look like?

Your prospective schools should never shy away from answering any of the questions you present. If they do, that may be a red flag to cross them off the list immediately. Why? Survival swimming lessons set the foundation for your child’s growth in the water. While not every child will develop into an athletic swimmer, survival swim skills do lay the groundwork for their ability to self-rescue should an aquatic accident occur, as well as be able to enjoy their time in the pool or open water as they grow up. 

Recent data shows that nearly 17 percent of Americans (1 in 5) don’t know how to swim. Now you may not think that’s a big deal, but what if one who doesn’t know how to swim is a parent? What happens if their child falls into the water? That then becomes an even bigger disaster. Providing children with lessons to learn these life-long skills starting at a young age gives them a strong foundation to become proficient swimmers well into adulthood. 

Your Katy Survival Swim Experts

At Texas Swim Academy, we welcome the questions and look forward to teaching you more about why we do what we do. Our passion for teaching children as young as six months old a necessary and life-saving skillset brings us joy and a sense of responsibility throughout our community. With over 800,000 residential pools in Texas, it’s important for children to be equipped with survival swimming skills, one of the most important layers of protection to help prevent drowning. Contact us to learn more about our survival swimming program and enroll your child today.


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Our Stroke Development Program offers six different levels to help students progress in their swimming skills at his or her own pace. Our Adaptive Aquatics Program was created specifically for children with special abilities. Find swimming class registration information here. By subscribing to Texas Swim Academy’s blog , you can stay current on valuable water safety resources such as survival swim, health and wellness, Texas Swim Academy news and more. Follow our Facebook , Twitter, and YouTube pages for even more news, updates, and tips!