At Texas Swim Academy, we believe it’s important to do your due diligence when enrolling a child in survival swim lessons. We encourage all parents to go through an interviewing process with the potential swim schools because it will be very telling in making the final decision for your choice of school. We’ve created an important checklist that outlines important questions and allows you to compare Texas Swim Academy with other survival swim schools. But we’d like to highlight a few important facts for parents when researching swim schools and enrolling in survival swim lessons. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Know Who Is Instructing Your Children

Your child’s swim instructor will create the foundation for the lifesaving swimming skills they will use throughout their life, so it’s important to know their credentials. At Texas Swim Academy, we take the vetting process seriously. Our instructors undergo a background check, drug screening, and extensive in-water training. We know you allow us the privilege to teach your child, and we don’t take that lightly. When deciding who will prepare your child with water safety skills, know who you’re getting, and never be afraid to ask the tough questions. 

Be Prepared to Invest Your Time

Consistency is one of the most important things to a child’s success when it comes to survival swimming. When you enroll in lessons, you will want to get on a schedule that works well for the family. Survival swimming lessons require consistency. Your child will need to keep up with their lessons, so you’ll want to schedule the lessons at a time that not only works for your child (think about when they are most awake during the day and most engaged) but works for your family (you don’t want to have them at a time that requires constant rescheduling). The consistent and repetitive nature of survival swimming lessons builds the skills and shows progress.

Your Child’s Needs Matter

When you’re looking to enroll your child in survival swimming lessons, take the time to learn about the program and your expectations for your child. At Texas Swim Academy, we offer result-oriented lessons and continually monitor your child’s progress to ensure growth throughout the lessons. One of the most important things a parent can do to best help their child is to practice outside lessons. We are committed to seeing your child succeed in becoming strong and safe swimmers, and we equip our parents with everything they need to work with their child outside of their scheduled lesson times. 

Your Katy Survival Swimming Experts

Texas Swim Academy was built to teach area children how to properly keep themselves safe should an aquatic accident occur. We want kids to develop a healthy relationship with being in the water – enjoy swimming and respect the dangers of all water activities. We also want families to know that what their child is taught is effective and long-lasting. We invite you to stop by or give us a call to learn more about our school and why we’re committed to teaching kids the very survival swimming skills they will use throughout their lifetime. And we look forward to you joining the Texas Swim Academy family!


Texas Swim Academy is a state-of-the-art swimming facility offering water safety, survival swim, and kids swimming lessons in Katy, Texas. Owners Kathleen and Bruce McMordie, alongside our certified staff, help parents introduce children to water at an early age through the Infant Survival Swim Program , teaching life-saving techniques and basic swimming skills.

Our Stroke Development Program offers six different levels to help students progress in their swimming skills at his or her own pace. Our Adaptive Aquatics Program was created specifically for children with special abilities. Find swimming class registration information here. By subscribing to Texas Swim Academy’s blog , you can stay current on valuable water safety resources such as survival swim, health and wellness, Texas Swim Academy news and more. Follow our Facebook , Twitter, and YouTube pages for even more news, updates, and tips!