Parents often think since swim season is typically during the summer months, swimming lessons should only coincide during that time. The reality is, swim lessons should take place year-round, as children can greatly benefit in a variety of ways.


Drowning Prevention

Our number one goal with swimming lessons is that children, at any age, know and understand the skills necessary to survive in the water should there ever be an emergent need for drowning prevention. Swimming is a skill people will use throughout their entire life, and it’s vital to start that education at a young age. Year-round swimming lessons are an important part of not only building, and maintaining, confidence in the water, but also the key to drowning prevention.


Skill Retention

The bottom line is the more opportunities a child has in the water, the more opportunities they have to work on their skillset. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Practice makes perfect,” and that couldn’t be more true with swimming. The more frequently you practice, the easier it is to not only retain those skills but also improve upon them. Continuing lessons throughout the year provide little swimmers with a regular routine, which helps deter the development of bad habits or fear of water as they grow.


Keep the Kids Engaged

Swimming is a great after school activity that gives kids a break from their busy school schedule. Giving your kids a chance to jump in the pool and escape the daily rigors of school and homework gives them something fun and freeing to look forward to. Successful swimming lessons are built upon a child enjoying their time in the water and giving them attainable goals that make them feel fulfilled when they are achieved. Group swimming lessons are a great way for kids to engage with new friends and socialize with people outside of their school setting.


Improve Overall Health

Year-round exercise and activity never hurt anyone, even children. Swimming has been shown to help reduce anxiety and depression, and giving your children a weekly break with time in the water allows them the ability to relax their body, immerse themselves in warm water temperatures and spend time focusing on their body through swimming’s use of repetitive motion and breathing patterns.

At Texas Swim Academy, we want your children to not only survive but thrive, in the water. Contact us today to learn more about all of the programs we offer and how we can help teach your children to swim year round.



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