There’s a plethora of after-school activities offered to students of all ages these days. From intramural sports to coding classes to learning a new language, children have a variety of options to choose from. And busy parents are looking for ways to keep their kids engaged and interested outside of school hours. While those are all great options for an eager child to learn more, in the end, they won’t help save their life. Swimming lessons are the only after-school activity that will help save your child’s life. 

Survival Swimming Lessons

Texas has nearly 1 million residential pools throughout the state, and with so many homeowners having a pool property, it’s imperative that children who live there or visit know how to swim. With drowning the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1 to 4, survival swimming is a life-saving skill that shouldn’t be ignored.

So what is survival swimming?

Survival swimming is a child’s ability to float and breathe regardless of the water’s depth for an indefinite amount of time. Survival swim means your child, beginning at the age of six months old, can roll-back-to-float position and get themselves to the pool’s edge or staircase where they can get out of the water on their own or wait to be rescued. 

It is a specialized skill set that can best be taught by well-trained instructors who will work closely with the child to ensure they build a level of trust and confidence in the water. Once that is established, the child will learn to roll-back-to-float and then begin the swimming process. Once your child learns how to swim, the work isn’t done. 

The Importance of Swimming Lesson Maintenance
Maintenance lessons play a huge role in the effectiveness and efficiency of your swimmer. By enrolling your child in regular swimming lessons after school, you’re giving them an opportunity to improve their skillset and become stronger swimmers. And who knows, you may even help ignite their passion to join a swim team and become a competitive swimmer down the road. 

When it comes to providing your children with the means to be safe in and around the water, there’s no better alternative than swimming lessons. Every child deserves the opportunity to not only be proficient swimmers but also be well equipped with a skill that will not only save their life but be used regularly throughout their lifetime. 

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