Hear what parents are saying about the Survival Swim Program at Texas Swim Academy!

Have you ever wondered how old your children should be before you enroll them in swimming lessons? At Texas Swim Academy, we believe that you’re never too young to learn basic water skills. We start students in the survival swim survival program as young as 6 months old and as they grow, we help them to develop swimming skills that are appropriate for their age and ability.

Texas Swim Academy mom, Marilyn Scott, enrolled her two-year-old son in the Survival Swim program just a short time ago, and he is already making incredible progress. When asked about her favorite part about his involvement in the program, Marilyn explains the indescribable feeling of joy she gets from watching her son swim, play in the water, and roll over on his back and play. An added benefit is the piece of mind she gets from knowing that he can safely maneuver in the water as a result of the aquatic survival skills he had developed at Texas Swim Academy.

When it comes to the staff and instructors, Marilyn has many reasons to recommend Texas Swim Academy. By balancing professionalism with personability, Texas Swim Academy has made Marilyn and her son feel right at home every time they come to the facility. Because the owners, staff, and instructors are so friendly and welcoming, she feels like she is part of a community at Texas Swim Academy and looks forward to each visit.